Google Penalty Recovery Services

Google Penalized You! What next?

If you have lost your organic traffic or receive warnings from Google regarding your website, it is time to look at your SEO activities till date. If at some point in time, your SEO efforts had involved a lot of link building activities, chances are that they are not working at present. With every new algorithm, Google filters the websites that are actually useful to users and that were created just to increase the links of your website. So, the bottom-line is what worked earlier for you is badly affecting the rankings of your online business now.

Time to give attention to your penalized online presence because it's not just your visibility that is affected but also your revenue from online sales or conversions.

We are a Google Penalty Recovery company with the right people to help you with your penalty concerns. With manual removal of all the links that are affecting your online presence, we ensure that your website is back on the search pages with better rankings.

What are Google Penalties?

Your site gets affected by various kinds of penalties by Google. Google uses Panda and Penguin algorithms to provide quality search engine results to its users.

SEO Specialists use targeted keywords to improve website ranking. Panda algorithm filters websites based on the quality and relevance of the website for the users who seek information related to the targeted keywords. The Penguin algorithm checks the web pages that carry links directing to your website and can be considered as quality information for people keying in your targeted keywords.

For example, your target keyword is 'chocolate : powder' then Panda algorithm will not show your website for 'chemical supplies' because the keyword won't be relevant to a user searching for 'chemical supplies'. Similarly, using Panda algorithm Google will rank you higher if your website is listed on the 'Chocolate Powder Suppliers List' page which is relevant to the keyword 'Chocolate Powder'

How did the penalty happen?

Most of the time, poor SEO efforts with tall claims by SEO companies lead to unwanted or inappropriate link building activities. Black Hat techniques like these are used by certain companies which if spotted by Google can lead to penalties. These kind of efforts just bring short term results and badly affect the online presence of website in the long term.

If you had suffered from such bad SEO efforts, we can help you save your reputations with Google Penalty Recovery services. Don't worry, we are a good company using white hat techniques to help you build and strengthen your online presence with a long term impact.

Why you should consider Google Penalty Recovery?

If you have second thoughts about the Google Penalty Recovery service, don't think twice. We have a process that may time to show results but it will improve your rankings and will leave positive impact in the long run. Think about why you should be going for this service. You started a business to take it to next level every time there is an opportunity. Would you prefer a choice that will give you business now and no results later or go for a better option that will continue to give results.